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An immediate constipation relief can be considered necessary when suffering from episodic constipation. A fast stool evacuation is always great when dealing with stressful situations, deadlines, pain or severe symptoms.

Short episodes do not always require immediate action. It is not recommended the long-term use of medicine or other remedies that include chemical products.


Medicine used for immediate relief can have results for stool evacuation in a short time. There are many types of medicine but the most important ones are:



immediate constipation relief taking digestive pills with water immediate constipation relief bile digestive pills immediate constipation relief pancreatin amylase digestive pills

These types of pills are made to:

  • improve bowel movement
  • make the pancreas secrete digestive juices (like pancreatin)
  • make the liver secrete bile (which will combine with pancreatin for the beginning of digestion)
  • improve digestion

Depending on the time you want to have immediate relief for constipation, Digestive Pills have an almost instant effect. Depending on the type, you can take the pills before, during the meals, between the meals or after them. It also depends on the types of food you eat. Certain foods need different time for digestion. For example, meat digests in 4-6 hours, bread digests in 2-3 hours and fruits digest in no more than 15 minutes.


1. Carbohydrates

Meals that contain Carbohydrates (bread, pasta, rice, pancakes, donuts sugar, glucose). It is recommended to take a pill before any meal of this type. This thing helps the pancreas to secrete digestive juices and insulin. It also stimulates intestinal muscle movement. Usually, the effect of the pills takes place within 30 minutes. Also, you will start to feel a moving sensation in your intestines. This thing means that digestion started and the stool moves towards evacuation. In this time, you can feel that sensation of immediate constipation relief.

2. Lipids

Meals that contain Fat (meat, cheese, butter, bacon, fish). Fats found in foods are usually hard to digest. Because of this thing, you can take a digestive pill between your dishes or after you have finished half of your plate. This action prepares the fatty acids or fat cells for easy digestion. Also, it puts the liver to secrete bile. The effect takes places within 1 hour and lasts up to 4 hours. You can feel a few movements in the intestines area.

3. Fruits

Fruits offer immediate relief only because of fermentation. The digestion process of fruits create gas and forces the stool nearby to move towards evacuation. The gas will also evacuate. There is no need to take pills when you eat fruits.

Digestive pills are great for fast results and have no side effects. This type of medicine improves digestion and can determine if your glands secrete enough digestive juices.


If you are severely constipated, the chances for the pills to stay blocked in the intestines are high. If they stay blocked for more than 3 hours between the stomach and the small intestine, the effects will negatively impact digestion. Depending on the type of pills, you can feel pain in the stomach area. You can also feel pain in the first segments of the small intestine. The longer they stay blocked (more than 2-5 hours), the more pain you feel.

Why not use digestive pills in excess?

Excessive use of these pills can perturb digestion in the long term. It can damage the intestine lining and the intestinal walls. If you want a fast relief with pills, do not take them for more than three days.


immediate constipation relief with emolient laxatives immediate constipation relief with volume laxatives immediate constipation relief with stimulant laxatives

Laxatives are the type of medicine that delivers an immediate relief for constipation with an instant stool evacuation. There are different types of laxatives suitable for different types of constipation. The stronger the laxative is, the faster the result will be. It is important to know what type to take. If you suffer from episodic constipation, there is no need to take a strong laxative. You can take a digestive pill that only improves digestion.

But if you need to have an immediate stool evacuation for a certain reason, laxatives are effective. This type of medicine is suitable for short-term use only. If you feel your intestines filled with stool and there is also a feeling of pressure going on inside, then, your body is sending signals that you need to empty them.

Types of laxative for an immediate constipation relief:

  • Volume laxatives – which expand the fecal matter
  • Emollient laxatives – stool softeners
  • Osmotic laxatives – intestinal water diffusion
  • Stimulant laxative – peristalsis stimulants

Why use laxatives?

First of all, laxatives only improve digestion by evacuating the stool blocked in the intestines.

We use laxatives because we want to get rid of the food blocked in the intestines. We use them because there are foods that ferment in the intestines and need to be evacuated (like fruits, milk, bread or sweets). What we want to achieve with laxatives is an immediate action to release the pressure from the intestines.

Pressure can cause pain and a sick feeling. This pain is distributed all over the intestines area and the kidneys area.

If you suffer from severe constipation, then you felt that specific pain around the large intestine area. This pain is similar to the tension of inflating a balloon and reaching its largest size.

After it reaches the maximum size, only air under pressure can enter. When air can`t enter anymore, the walls start to expand and deteriorate. Then you have that feeling of the intestinal walls expanding and feeling tense.

It`s like having a spike and a chili pepper scratching the intestines all the time. Also, when there are fermenting and rotten foods blocked in the intestines, it starts to get worse.

Volume and stimulant laxatives have an immediate constipation relief. They improve peristalsis movement and force the stool to move towards evacuation. This thig is beneficial not only to digestion but also to the cleaning of the intestinal lining.

These types of laxatives have no side effects. On the other hand, osmotic and emollient laxatives can create a small episodic pain around the intestines.

When to use laxatives

We can start using laxatives when we feel there is blocked food in our intestines. We can also use them as follows:

  • when we feel annoying intestinal pressure
  • when we have a deadline, a meeting or a date, in the next days (or a few of hours) and we need to clear our mind
  • when we start to feel “sick to our stomach” (then our body is telling there is rotten food inside that needs evacuation a.s.a.p.)

What`s the feeling of using laxatives?

First of all, laxatives operate between 4-6 hours. After 6 hours, the first stool evacuation happens (soft or hard). Only after these 5-6 hours, an immediate constipation relief can take place.

In the beginning, laxatives create a small discomfort sensation around the small intestines area. After 2-3 hours, you can feel a slight pain in the intestines. After 6 hours, the large intestine is preparing to get empty and starts to be irritated. That`s the moment when the pain starts to appear. The pain ends only after the entire stool evacuation.

After 6 hours, the side effects of laxatives start to slow down until they disappear (pain, irritation and involuntary stool evacuation). The pain can take longer if the laxative is stronger.


Excessive use of laxatives can create dependency. It can also damage the intestinal lining. Also, it causes pain and disturbs the entire digestion process. Use laxatives only for episodic constipation or for an immediate relief.

If you suffer from severe constipation, the chances for the pills to stay blocked between the stomach and the small intestine are high. If laxatives do not have the immediate effect you want, take a medical consult.

Read more about [Laxatives and Medicine].


immediate relief with liquid foods like carbonated water and soda immediate relief with liquid foods like fruit juice and fruits immediate relief with foods like milk and cereals

Certain types of foods can create an immediate constipation relief due to fermentation and gas. These types of foods contain fruits, sugar, glucose and fermenting elements. Fermentation in the intestines is the effect of humidity and heat. Also, the longer the food stays in the intestines, the longer will ferment.

Fermentation creates gas. The gas pushes the stool towards evacuation. Fermenting foods act as if they were a combination of Osmotic and Volume laxatives. They favor peristalsis and force the evacuation of fecal matter. The time it takes for the stool evacuation is between 1-3 hours after eating a meal. If you suffer from severe constipation, it can take more than 4 hours.

In this time, you feel the intestines move and feel the gas putting pressure inside them. Also, you will confront with flatulence every 10-20 minutes.

Here are some examples of fermenting foods:

  • sugar, glucose, and fructose
  • carbonated soda, Mirinda, Fanta, coke, sprite
  • lemonade (with sugar)
  • fruits
  • fruit juice and vegetable juice
  • milk, liquid milk products (not yogurt)
  • coffee
  • sweets and cookies with fruits
  • pastry with vegetables that contain fructose (carrots, red beets, cabbage)
  • raw cereals (soaked in water or fruit juice)

Liquid foods like soup made out of boiled meat or vegetables are effective in improving bowel movement. Also, salads made out of vegetables and vegetable oil improve bile secretion. These things lead to bowel movement and better digestion. See a few examples of [Foods for Constipation] and how to eat them.


Do not use fermenting foods too often for immediate constipation relief. The result of fermentation over the years leads to the creation of alcohol in small quantities. This thing leads to gastroduodenal ulcer although you do not consume alcohol. It will disturb digestion and the assimilation of nutrients, protein, and vitamins.

Also, do not eat fermenting foods before you go to sleep or have an important meeting. You can’t predict the evacuation of gas and stool. You will end up in embarrassing situations. Try to relieve constipation by eliminating the causes on long-term.


immediate relief with fermenting fruits apples and prunes immediate relief with fermenting fruits oranges and grapes immediate relief with fermenting fruits strawberries and watermelon

Fruits do not need any help for digestion. The intestines absorb all the nutrients and vitamins from fruits in less than 30 minutes. If we eat fruits with our intestines filled with stool, they will start to ferment. Also, they will remain blocked and will perturb digestion.

Fruits offer immediate constipation relief only because of fermentation. The process creates gas and forces the stool nearby to move towards evacuation. Also, the gas will evacuate itself without delay and warning. This thing is called flatulence. It can sometimes create embarrassing situations, as mentioned in the last chapter.

Sometimes you can hear the sound of gas moving towards the large intestines. Not to mention when we “accidentally” fart without warning.

The effect over the stool evacuation takes less than 1 hour. Fruits digest quickly (5-15 minutes). If they stay blocked in the intestines, they will start to produce gas. The longer they stay blocked, the higher the chances are fruits turn into alcohol.

Here are a few examples of fermenting fruits for constipation than have an immediate effect on intestinal movement:

  • Apples, Prunes, Oranges, Grapes
  • grapefruit, strawberries, bananas
  • pineapple, pears, blueberries, cherries
  • cranberries, grapes, pomegranates
  • apricots, kiwi, lemons, mangoes, avocado
  • nectarines, tangerines, yellow watermelon, peaches

Here are a few examples of vegetables that contain fructose and act similar to fruits:

  • beets, radishes, tomatoes, carrots
  • cabbage, red onions, potatoes, pumpkins
  • sweet corn, sweet peppers, zucchini
  • radicchio, red beets

Fruits for constipation improve digestion because they clean the intestines using dietary fiber, only if we eat them alone. Fiber helps clean the intestine walls and receptors.


Fruits tend to ferment faster if we eat them alone, rather than combined with other types of foods. Intestines are usually sensitive to long periods of fermentation. Immediate relief for constipation is good to have with fruits. This thing can be beneficial when we don`t want to take laxatives. It can also be beneficial when we suffer from episodic constipation.

Do not use fruits OFTEN for immediate relief. The fermenting process of blocked fruits in the intestines creates alcohol over time (as mentioned in the previous chapter). This process can lead to ulcer, CIRRHOSIS and other intestinal diseases. Do not eat fruits if you suffer from irritable bowel syndrome or your intestines are sensitive to fermenting foods.


exercises for immediate relief crunches exercises for immediate relief pushups exercises for immediate relief swimming

One of the most important causes of constipation is abnormal or slow intestinal motility. This thing can happen when you suffer from episodic or severe constipation. Intestinal motility is affected on long-term. The main factor for abnormal motility is usually a virus that developed in the intestines during many months (example: Heliobacter pylori). Another reason can be complete dehydration over long periods of time or obesity.

The implications of slow intestinal motility on long-term over digestion are complex. When suffering from a virus and slow motility, an immediate constipation relief can be beneficial only for short-term (a day in a week). Slow motility combined with exercises around the abdomen area can harm the intestines. This thing can lead to slow digestion, intestinal irritation, and pain.

When suffering from episodic constipation exercises are beneficial even on long-term. Exercises like crunches, pushups, and swimming are the most effective in having fast results. The reason is that they require the muscles around the intestines area to contract and force the stool to evacuate. These exercises improve bowel movement and digestion. Combined with a diet with liquid foods can also improve motility.

Running or walking are other exercises that put the intestinal muscles to work on long-term. Depending on the type of constipation you suffer from, an immediate relief can be the result of 60 minutes of running. Also, if you can’t go running, walking has the same effects. 1-2 hours of walking or trekking can improve bowel movement.


Exercises can create pain around the intestines area if you have abnormal motility. Blocked foods that ferment can irritate and damage the intestinal lining and slow digestion.

If you feel pain, irritation or complete dehydration after running or training at the gym, then there is a serious problem with motility. This problem is usually the result of the presence of viruses or cancer somewhere around the intestines area. A medical examination is necessary for this situation.

If you get exhausted after a workout or run, this might be a problem. A tired body can’t handle proper digestion especially when suffering from constipation. If you notice getting tired after every training, then it’s time to get a medical examination.

The problem is usually a virus present in the intestines that disturbs digestion and bowel movements. Another problem can also be an infection or a physical accident around the intestines area.

If you are looking for fast relief and become very dehydrated and constipated after running or a workout, then you have the same problems mentioned above. Dehydration tells us that digestion and motility are not working properly.

DO NOT train or do any sport in hot conditions. It will dehydrate you and cause severe digestion and motility symptoms.

If none of the above symptoms appear when you do any exercise, then the chances are you suffer from episodic constipation. Exercises help the evacuation of stool and improve digestion on long-term. So, having a simple training program twice a week can be beneficial for motility.

See the full list of [Exercises to Relieve Constipation] and detailed programs.


natural remedies for constipation relief chicory natural remedies for constipation relief inulin in a glass of water natural remedies for constipation relief chicory drinking

One of the most important remedies found in nature is Chicory. This plant is known to have laxative effects because of its natural composition. Inulin, a powder made from chicory roots and leaves, has the same laxative effects. Immediate constipation relief is better with chicory and inulin. Chicory can be eaten raw with other foods and salads.

Inulin is great for drinks and liquid foods like soup. Adding inulin to a cup of very hot tea is the best way to have inulin in your diet. The powder has fructose which makes tea sweet and tasty. It also smells like candy and gives the tea a nice texture, even though inulin dissolves immediately. Inulin is white and dissolves without color in any drink (water, soup, desserts, tea, and fruit juices – for more laxative effects).

Another natural way to have an immediate relief is drinking cold grapes juice or fresh apple juice. Due to fermentation, these drinks create gas which helps with bowel movements. Depending on the type of constipation you suffer from, these drinks have an instant effect. In no more than 5 minutes, fermentation starts and gas forces stool evacuation. It may also cause diarrhea if your intestines are sensitive, so be careful or stay around a toilet.

Although not recommended for immediate relief for constipation, alcohol drinks can sometimes offer good results. Carbonated drinks like beer and champagne have laxative effects because of fermentation and gas evacuation. If your intestines are sensitive to carbonated drinks, you can try wine (white wine is recommended).

Alcohol drinks are more effective after eating a meal. This thing is beneficial to digestion, stool evacuation and to slowly metabolize the alcohol.


You must be aware that all these natural remedies have laxative effects. Hot tea starts to improve bowel movement in 30 to 60 minutes. Fruit juice takes no more than 10 minutes to have fermentation going on in the intestines.

Do not abuse the consumption of alcohol. It dehydrates you quick and, alcohol stays for more than 12 hours in your blood and tissues. Also, the consumption of laxative remedies can create diarrhea. So be sure to always have a bathroom nearby.

Read more about [Natural Constipation Remedies].


When being constipated, immediate relief is always good, especially when we deal with deadlines or stressful situations. The pain and the pressure felt in the intestines area create anxiety and nervousness.

Fermented and rotten food blocked in the intestines make us feel sick. Also, it can create the permanent need to go to the toilet without even evacuating stool.

Here are some examples of everyday situations when an immediate relief is recommended:

1. When having Exams

when to have immediate constipation relief when having exams

You need to let your brain focus on what`s important when having an exam. Signals of constipation and pain split your attention, especially when having a small amount of time to pass a certain test. We do not need pain, intestinal pressure or the need to go to the toilet when trying to pass an exam. We should have a normal healthy state, and our intestines/abdomen area relaxed.

2. When going for an Interview

when to have immediate constipation relief when having an interview

Interviews create anxiety and frustration most of the time. Dealing with anxiety and nervousness creates lots of tension around the nervous system. Because the abdomen area is so sensitive to an emotional stimulus, it will be on in alert mode. This thing causes abnormal digestion and stool evacuation. It can also lead to fast dehydration.

3. When Learning or Studying

when to have immediate constipation relief when studying

Maybe immediate relief for constipation might be risky and harmful for an exam or an interview. But this can be beneficial before or after long periods of studying. Learning and assimilating information can put us stationary on a chair in front of a desk. Staying on a chair for long periods of time is not beneficial to digestion, not to mention muscles and blood circulation.

4. When going on a Date (because you don`t want embarrassing situations)

when to have immediate constipation relief when going on a date

Embarrassing moments can happen when being constipated. Blocked foods and the lack of stool movement can create large amounts of gas. This thing usually expands the intestines and abdomen area. This thing is not sexy and does not present a healthy status, not to mention flatulence (or farting). So, before you got out on a date with a person you want to attract in your life, try an immediate relief and relax your abdomen area.

5. When you Drive for long periods of time

when to have immediate constipation relief when driving for long time

Similar to studying, driving puts us in our seats with the seat belt over. In this position, we put pressure over the intestines and let the blocked stool remain in its position.

6. When Practicing Sports

when to have immediate constipation relief when practicing sports

Intestines full of stool can harm the intestines and the way the body is hydrated. The constant movement of blocked stool not only puts pressure on your abdomen but it also irritates the intestinal lining. It can slow the motility process and can force the evacuation of stool. When you do crunches or run, a small pain can appear in the shortest time. Sometimes you can feel pain on the left or right side of your abdomen. If you do any exercise and feel pain, stop immediately and take a break. This thing is usually a bad sign and a strong signal of severe constipation.

7. After eating Rotten Food

when to have immediate constipation relief after eating rotten food

Our body reacts very fast when we eat rotten food or after it has developed in our intestines. Whenever we accidentaly do this, our body sends signals to evacuate the stool. We can use many of the relief techniques mentioned above.

8. When Suffering from a Virus or an Infection

when to have immediate constipation relief when suffering from intestinal virus

Stool evacuation is the main reaction of our body when we suffer from an infection. Bacteria and viruses tend to develop in our intestines and favor constipation. Whenever our body feels there is something wrong internally, we tend to feel a small need to evacuate the stool. This feeling lets us know there is something in the intestines that needs evacuation immediately. This thing can also happen when we have flu or have viral bacteria.

Whatever the way for constipation relief you wish to go for, remember that your focus should be on long-term, on the causes, and not the episodic symptoms.

Why is it Important to have Immediate Relief?

There are many reasons to go or not to go for immediate relief for constipation. Avoiding the use of medicine in favor of natural remedies, exercises and certain types of foods, is beneficial to long-term relief. For some people who suffer from constipation, it is important to have their belly relaxed and feel a soft sensation over the abdomen.

It is also important to know that some relief techniques and remedies used in excess can:

  • perturb digestion
  • create dependency (especially laxatives)
  • cannot be effective on long-term
  • harm the intestines lining

The most important thing to keep in mind when dealing with constipation is the elimination of the main causes on long-term.

The Guidelines do not work (or do no work anymore)

The guidelines help people who want an effective result in the shortest time possible. The reason is that many of us suffer only from episodic constipation and these Guidelines help us determine if we suffer from severe constipation, viruses, bacteria or any other symptom.

If you feel pain, irritable bowel (or sickness) or any other bad symptom in the last 6-8 weeks, then it`s time to get serious and ask for medical help.

If the Guidelines do not work and you do not succeed any more in having immediate constipation relief, this means that you suffer from severe constipation. The chances are you have a virus or an infection in the intestines that developed over months. That said, you will need a medical consult and analysis, as soon as possible. So, don’t wait anymore and go and get your health status back.

Last medically reviewed on 02.04.2021





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