* The Purpose of this article is to present Five Guidelines that help you poop when you are stuck on the toilet with constipation.

* The Guidelines include: Contracting the abdomen muscles, lifting your feet, Pushing the abdomen and intestines and How to repeat these steps.


If you’re stuck on the toilet with constipation, you should start contracting the abdomen muscles.

The abdomen is a sensitive area that keeps the small and large intestines in their place.

The purposes of contracting the abdomen muscles are:

  • contract the muscles near the intestines
  • expand the intestines with muscle and stool movement
  • move the fecal matter for evacuation

Contracting the muscles in the abdomen will make the intestines to move and contract involuntarily.

This thing helps the intestines to push the stool to evacuate.

Contracting the muscles in the abdomen will make the intestines to move and contract involuntarily.

This thing helps the intestines to push the stool to evacuate.

How to do contract the muscles?

If you are sitting on the toilet, you should start contracting your muscles slowly.

Push the intestines and the rectum as if you were pooping slowly for 5-10 minutes.

Push and shrink your belly to expand slowly.

Push your abdomen as if you were pooping once every 5 seconds.

Start slowly and increase the pressure gradually using the force of the muscles.

When the rectum gives you signal that you need to poop, slowly push your abdomen to evacuate the stool.

You can push harder if there is a large quantity of stool that you need to evacuate.

Do not create pressure in the intestines by forcing the abdomen.

If you don`t feel any pain or irritation, you can push faster and with more force.

If you can’t poop after 10 minutes, you can repeat the steps for another 5-10 minutes.

If after 20-30 minutes, nothing happens and you are still feeling to poop, follow the next guideline.

If you find yourself stuck on the toilet with constipation often, you can contract the abdomen muscles.

You can do this even if you are not on the toilet bowl.

You can also contract your abdomen before going to the toilet by:

  • doing crunches
  • doing pushups
  • swimming

This guideline helps to prepare the large intestine and the rectum for stool evacuation.

It is also essential that you relax these muscles between contraction. This thing is necessary because if the muscles are tensed and tired, it will be harder for you to poop.

Also, if you push too much to poop, and force it, hemorrhoids can expand from the rectum.

You can combine all of the techniques in this guide for faster results.

The guidelines help you to understand how to relieve constipation on the toilet when you are stuck on it.


Here is another guideline that helps you to poop when you suffer from constipation.

No one likes to be stuck on the toilet with constipation, especially if the sphincter is not relaxed.

A relaxed sphincter will make you poop because:

  • the large intestine can easily move stool towards the rectum
  • the rectum prepares stool for evacuation
  • the rectum opens and evacuates the stool

After you position yourself on the toilet bowl and get ready to poop, the next thing you should do is to lift your feet.

Lifting your feet will help you relax the sphincter and the rectum.

The best way to lift your feet is by using a stand (ex: squatty potty).

Stay with your knees above your hips for 5-10 minutes.

After 10 minutes, the sphincter, the rectum, and the muscles around them should feel relaxed.

If you suffer from severe constipation, it might take longer than 15 minutes for the entire bottom to relax.

So, keep calm and try to relax your sphincter and rectum.

If you don’t have a stand at your disposal, you can lift your feet in the air. You can lift your heel, stick the sole on the floor, and keep your knees higher.

Maybe, you can find some things that lift your knees without trouble. That is fine too.


Pushing your abdomen as if you were pooping is a great technique to master whenever you get stuck on the toilet with constipation.

The differences between contracting the abdomen and pushing it as if you were pooping are:

  • you push the abdomen and the rectum at the same time
  • you create pressure starting from the stomach and going to the rectum at the same time
  • you push the abdomen and intestines for stool evacuation, and you feel this from the stomach all way to the rectum

Even if the sphincter is not relaxed, you can still simulate as if you were pooping.

Push slowly inside your intestines for 5-10 minutes.

Do this thing once every 5-10 seconds with low intensity.

When you feel just a slight sensation that you can poop, increase the intensity and push the inside slowly.

If there is enough stool inside the large intestines that is ready for evacuation, push as hard but do not force it.

In this way, you can determine if it’s good or not.

Pushing and putting too much pressure can harm the rectum.

This thing can create pain, irritation, and hemorrhoids can pop out.

Repeat the steps above until your body is ready. It might take more than 15 minutes if you suffer from chronic constipation.

If you get stuck on the toilet with constipation and you need to poop immediately, do not force your abdomen and intestines.

Pushing the interior of your abdomen creates:

  • gas inside the intestines
  • involuntary pressure inside the intestines

Gas is good for bowel movement.

But gas can create embarrassing situations when suffering from flatulence often.

Do not try to simulate as if you were pooping if you feel there is gas inside the intestines.

These things can also help hemorrhoids to appear from too much pressure and gas.


It takes time and practice for your body to remember these steps and techniques.

Repetition will help you a lot whenever you want to poop.

When you get stuck on the toilet with constipation and can’t poop right away, repeat these steps:

  • position your body on the toilet bowl and relax
  • contract your abdomen muscles for 5-10 minutes
  • lift your feet to relax the sphincter for 5-10 minutes
  • push your abdomen as if you were pooping to evacuate the stool
  • take 1-2 minutes of pause and start all over again

This repetition should make you poop easily.

If you can’t poop after 20-30 minutes and you’re still stuck, take a break and come back on the toilet after one hour.

Do not force yourself to poop if the stool sticks like glue on the intestinal walls.

Repeating the steps above are great for both short-term and long-term.

After 4-6 days of practice and repetition, your body should easily remember the process. This thing will help you whenever you want to poop.

It is essential to know what to do when constipated on the toilet, before and during stool evacuation.

This thing is good for long-term relief because if you train your body, you will poop easily.

Constipation is a symptom that you need to handle slowly and with patience.

There are other things and techniques that, help when you get stuck.


1. Take volume laxatives

Their effect is almost immediate and will help you poop easily with the techniques mentioned above.

Do not take strong laxatives when you're at work or school. It will protect you from embarrassing situations.

2. Take bile or pancreatic supplements

Sometimes, bile and pancreatic supplements are faster than laxatives.

If you are stuck on the toilet with constipation and you don`t want to take laxatives, then bile or pancreatic supplements will help you a lot.

These supplements help with the enzymes that digestion needs. If the food that you eat is well digested, you will have no problems with stool evacuation.

3. Do pushups

If you have the luxury to contract your muscles whenever you want to poop, do them.

Doing pushups is good for muscle and bowel movement. And combined with the techniques mentioned above, it will help you poop easily.

4. Drink hot tea or hot soup

Hot liquids act similar to bile and pancreatic supplements.

Heat causes the muscles and the intestines to force the stool to move quickly.

If your large intestine is full of stool, you can eat a hot vegetable soup or warm tea. You can also drink a cup of hot milk just before going to bed.

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