* The Purpose of this article is to present five guidelines that help you learn how to poop when constipated on the toilet.

* These techniques include muscles contraction, squatting, pushing the intestines, and listening to music.


Learning how to poop when constipated on the toilet is tricky at the beginning.

The first thing you need to do is to position yourself correctly on the toilet.

This thing means not too far, not too close on the edges, and not too stiff.

You need to have a relaxed position so, your body does not feel a tension.

Also, your body needs to be perpendicular to the floor.

It takes 1-3 minutes until your body gest used to the new position.

The second thing you need to do is to:

  • slowly start contracting your abdomen muscles
  • slowly simulate as if you were pooping.
  • repeat these steps every half of minute.

This repetition should not take more than 3 minutes.

With these steps, you simulate the action of pooping when constipated.

In this way, your brain sends signals to the nervous system to relax and contract the muscles around the intestines. Also, the sphincter will get signals to relax and to prepare the stool for evacuation.

In 5-10 minutes, you should be able to poop. It can happen faster.

If this thing does not happen, repeat the steps above until the sphincter relaxes completely.

Repetition is great when learning how to relieve constipation on the toilet on long-term.

If you follow all the steps and practice them often, your body will memorize them. In this way, it will be easier for the large intestine and the rectum to prepare stool evacuation.


If the steps described earlier do not make you poop fast, there are a few reasons like:

  • the blocked stool inside the intestines and rectum soaks water
  • the stool is so dehydrated that pressure and abdomen contraction have little effects
  • you have slow intestinal motility

The are many other reasons. The next guideline on how to poop when constipated on the toiled helps the sphincter relax.

You can do this thing only if you lift your feet while staying on the toilet

How to do it?

The easiest way to lift your feet while staying on the toilet is to put a foot stand.

There are many stands (ex: squatty potty) designed for raising the feet with different heights. Some of them can modify the height and the size.

Position yourself on the toilet. Drag the foot support near the toilet bowl and put your feet on it.

You can put the stand before you sit on the toilet.

In this way, climb the 1.5-2 inches height and after this, lower your body and sit on the toilet.

Your knees should be at the same level of height with the abdomen.

In 3-6 minutes, your body should feel a slight relaxing feeling. Also, the sphincter relaxes as soon as your feet raise their height.

Repeat the steps from Guideline number 1.


The role of this step is to relax the sphincter and the muscles around the hips.

It usually takes 5-10 for the sphincter to relax. In this time, the brain tells the rectum to prepare for stool evacuation.

It might take longer than 10 minutes to poop if you ate lots of bread, meat, eggs, and cheese.

Stay in this position and repeat Guideline number 1.

From this point on, it is easy to understand how to poop when constipated on the toilet.

The reasons are:

  • your body is moving the stool so you can poop
  • after using these guidelines a few times, these movements become natural to your body

The interval of 5-10 minutes is enough to relax the sphincter.

If you suffer from severe or chronic constipation then, it might take longer at first.

But do not worry. This way of pooping works on long-term. It is better than using it for immediate stool evacuation often.

This technique works on long-term when you are stuck on the toilet with constipation or, you suffer from severe symptoms.

You can squat for 10-30 minutes on the toilet until the sphincter creates a straight path for stool evacuation.

It is more efficient if you squat before you go to the toilet, and relax.

You need to be patient and wait. Also, do not force yourself.


How to poop when constipated on the toilet with music?

Music sends signals to the body to relax or to create tension around the abdomen.

There are two ways to poop by listening to music

  • Listen to relaxing music in low volume.
  • Listen to loud music with a beat of over 100-130 bpm.

How to poop with relaxing music?

Relaxing music is good for those of us who stay in stressed and noisy environments.

This type of music relaxes the brain and shuts down stress.

Relaxing music makes the brain to send signals to the nervous system around the intestines.

These signals make the intestines to relax and improve motility.

This thing causes the rectum, the sphincter, and the big intestine: to relax to contract

If you feel the need to poop, you can put your headphones in your ears and listen 5-15 minutes of music. Do this thing before you decide to go to the toilet.

If it takes longer, you can put your favorite track with relaxing sounds. Listen to it as long as it does not bother with work.

Loud music that has a 100-130 bpm rhythm is better for creating tension in the abdomen.

This thing also affects the pelvic area.

Loud dance music and hardcore music makes the muscles to contract often.

This repeating movement makes immediate stool evacuation if the intestines and the sphincter have the time to relax.

How to poop with loud music?

Prepare your favorite song. Put it on your phone or audio system.

Put your earphones on and press play. Turn the volume at minimum.

Increase the volume gradually, not to harm your ears.

Listen to loud music for 5-15 minutes with a pause every 5 minutes.

In this way, your body will start to feel the “beat” and the vibe.

These things will create simultaneously:

  • The pressure inside the intestines
  • The tension in the abdomen.
  • Muscle contraction following the beat.


This technique is easy to use when you first learn how to poop when constipated on the toilet.

This technique is the most used by everyone. It gets efficient with time.

How to do it?

If you feel the need to go to the toilet then, put pressure on the abdomen and rectum. This thing simulates your body pooping.

Force the intestines by pushing the air and the stool inside them.

Take a deep breath and push.

Let the air go and start all over again.

Do this thing slowly at first, so the stool inside the large intestine prepares to evacuate.

Contract the rectum slowly, so it has time to relax. This thing also helps for final evacuation.

What we want to achieve with this technique is to repeat the movement of muscles and rectum contraction.

In this way, the intestines and the abdomen create pressure as if you were not constipated.

This thing also helps intestinal motility because it puts the intestines to work.

Before you sit on the toilet, repeat these muscle and intestines contractions for 5-10 minutes.

Contract the rectum and the abdomen once every minute until you feel the stool will evacuate.


These guidelines show you how to poop when constipated on the toilet.

You can combine these guidelines to have better results whenever you want to poop.

If you are constipated, and you rarely feel the need to poop when you sit on the toilet then, you should consider visiting a doctor.

It is necessary to find out the type of constipation that affects you.

Also, there could be other physical causes that influence the way you poop.

The position you sit on the toilet is also vital.

You need to learn how to sit on the toilet to relax your body even if you don’t use the guidelines mentioned above.

Simulating the contraction of the rectum and the abdominal muscles is essential on long-term for constipation relief.

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