* The Purpose of this article is to present which is the best way to sit on toilet when constipated and why.

* Also, read about the benefits, examples, and a few words of caution.

There are 3 different ways to sit on toilet when constipated:


The Squat Way is the best way to sit on toilet when constipated because:

  • It relaxes the sphincter and the area around it.
  • It puts pressure on the intestines.
  • It puts pressure from the large intestine down to the rectum.
  • It relaxes the rectum and the muscles around to open.

As soon as your body memorizes this position, it will be easier for you to poop

If you want to learn how to relieve constipation on the toilet on long-term, it is necessary to know how squatting works.

The squat position is a bit tricky at first because you need a stand near the toilet bowl.

The role of the stand or support is to lift your feet above the upper side of the toilet bowl. In this way, you can position your bottom right in the center of the toilet bowl.

There are many stands made out of different materials. Some of them adjust the height.

Some things to keep in mind

  • your body needs balance to stay in this way on the toilet
  • the stand has to stand still and to support your weight
  • the material needs to be strong

The reason is that the stand can slip on the floor and you might get hurt because the material has low friction with the floor surface.

When you suffer from severe constipation, it can take a lot of time before you poop.

Sometimes you can prepare to poop, you stay in the squat position, and nothing happens.

There are a few reasons why this thing happens like:

  • You ate lots of carbs like bread, pasta, or pizza dough.
  • You suffer from extreme dehydration.
  • There is a large quantity of dehydrated stool inside the rectum that moves slowly.

Even if you can’t eliminate the stool, the sphincter relaxes and, the pressure is still there. This thing means that there is a lot of stool blocked in the intestine.

Pressure and muscle movement can't move the stool for evacuation.

Why is Squatting the best way to sit on the toilet when constipated?

It’s easy to relax the bottom and the sphincter. Pressure comes inside the small and big intestines.

The abdomen muscles shrink and, expand and this makes the stool to move towards evacuation.

It puts the muscles of your feet to work, which you would not do if you sit at a desk all day

If you combine the Squat position whenever you want to sit on the toilet to poop, with walking long distances, you might have a better way to relieve constipation on long-term.

How to stay in the Squat Position on the toilet when constipated?

  • Position the stand near the toilet bowl.
  • Turn 180 degrees with your back towards the bowl.
  • Climb the stand slowly backward.
  • Keep a foot distance between the legs on the stand for balance.
  • Slowly move your body down until the bottom reaches the upper side of the toilet bowl.
  • Keep your bottom suspended above the middle of the toilet bowl in this way, until the sphincter relaxes.

If you have fixed support nearby, that would be great. You can keep yourself balanced with a crossbeam or rail.

It can even be the towel drier or the heater.

If you have a Turkish / Indian toilet with just a simple hole then, you don’t need much to do. Just move your bottom down and position your body exactly where the way it shows.

Reasons to sit on the toilet when constipated in the Squat way

This way of preparing stool evacuation is good for people who suffer from severe or chronic constipation.

You don’t want to put the same pressure on your hips or bottom as if you were sitting at the desk all day.

You go on a vacation and, you don’t want to touch the top of the toilet bowl in the apartment or hotel you rented. So, the stand comes in handy.

Your toilet is used by other people often and, you don’t have time to clean it all day.


This way is a combination of:

  • squatting;
  • the typical way to stay on the toilet.

There is a difference: you only lift your legs up when sitting on the toilet.

The "Semi-Squat" position is not the best way to sit on the toilet when constipated but, it does make you poop.

It is easier to have a stand under your feet and relax the muscles around the rectum.

The "Semi-Squat" way is great when you’re sitting on the toilet, and you can lift your feet.

Here is how to poop when constipated on the toilet with or without squatting. This technique works for every type of constipation.

But the "Semi-Squat" way has some specific features that you need to understand first.

Besides the fact that is similar to squatting, you can do it without a foot stand.

Lift your heels high enough so, your knees are at the same height with your abdomen.

This way of sitting on the toilet is ideal for people who:

  • suffer from episodic constipation.
  • walk long distances.
  • exercise often.

What you need is a typical foot stand design especially for sitting on the toilet.

The stand has to have a lower height than usual, so you lift your knees just 3-4 inches.

The problem with this way of sitting is that it takes a lot more time for the sphincter and the rectum to relax. This thing happens because sitting on the toilet bowl is identical to sitting on a chair.

This thing also applies to the hips and for the intestines.

If you get up from sitting at a desk for 4-6 hours and you want to poop, it might not even feel anything. You might not even have bowel movement.


It’s obvious that this is not a good way to sit on the toilet when constipated.

People who suffer from constipation often, have problems when they sit on the toilet. Sometimes they feel pain around the hips and kidneys.

But how to benefit from this way of sitting on the toilet?

Trick your body into thinking you are going to stay in the Squat Position!

It’s easy and works!

Before sitting on the toilet to poop, stay 5 minutes in the Squat Position to trick your body that you will poop in this position.

Open your belts and let your clothes relax for 5-10 minutes. In this way, you tell your body you are preparing to poop.

Why is that the normal way of sitting is not making you poop?

Because it puts too much pressure on:

  • the intestines;
  • the sphincter.

If you are constipated often and, you stay for more than 5 hours on a chair every day, the stool will stay blocked for days in the intestines.

In this way, the pressure and the gas can’t move it.

The problem is that you need to move a bit before your body is giving signals that you must poop.


Although the Squat Way is the best way to sit on the toilet when constipated, you must be aware that constipation is a symptom that has different causes.

If you suffer from chronic constipation and this way is not making you poop anymore then, it’s time to visit a doctor.

On long-term, it’s way more effective to find and eliminate the causes rather than to relieve the symptoms often.

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