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The PURPOSE of this article is to present how to use the best position to poop in when constipated and why. Also, read about the benefits, examples, and other techniques that help the stool move.

By: Victor Danescu

Squatting is the best position to poop in when constipated because:

  • It relaxes the puborectalis muscle.
  • It straightens the anorectal angle to create a clear path for the stool.
  • It creates pressure and gas in the intestines to move the stool.
  • It releases the tension from the rectum.
  • It prepares the rectum and the anus for stool evacuation.
  • It closes the ileocecal valve and opens the outlet valve.
  • It makes you poop easily.

After this process, your body will naturally close the ileocecal valve and make the anorectal angle to shrink again.

These cycles of releasing tension and closing intestinal valves are necessary to prevent continence, leaks and other unpleasant symptoms.

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Squatting is the best position to poop in when constipated because it relaxes your entire bottom and helps bowel movement. But, to get the full advantage of it as quick as possible, you need to prepare your body first.

Squatting increases the anorectal angle and relaxes the puborectalis muscle. These are the only two things that matter for having stool evacuation more often.

When you want to have constipation relief in the long term, you have to prepare your body.

You need to do the following before you poop:

  • Squat 15 minutes before you decide to poop.
  • Stay in this position for 1-3 minutes.
  • Take a one-minute break.
  • Stay again in this position for 1-3 minutes.
  • Take a five-minute break.

Try to take a break from work or study at least once every two hours and squat as often as you can. In this way, you will relax your puborectalis muscle even more along the day.

Ideally, you want to have a ten-minute break every hour. But, a break every two hours will be just fine.

Keep in mind that this guide promotes simple ways to relieve constipation on the toilet. Follow the next steps and find out more about squatting and other techniques that improve bowel movement.

If you suffer from constipation, the best thing is to stimulate your rectum and anus with squatting.

Preparing your body makes pooping easier on the toilet bowl especially if you do not have a footstool at your disposal. If you sit on the toilet bowl and you did not squat before, there are low chances you will have stool evacuation.

For this reason, you need to squat whenever you can and keep in mind the purpose: to always relax the puborectalis muscle and to straighten the anorectal angle.

Squatting gives you time to prepare and moves the stool slowly towards the rectum.

You can use the best position to poop in when constipated almost anywhere.

You can squat in:

  • your room
  • your toilet
  • outside your room
  • in a public restroom
  • in a changing closet

Squatting gives you internal signals where the stool will move next.

If you squat 15-20 minutes before you decide to poop, you will feel the stool moving inside the large intestine.

Sometimes, you will feel the stool ready for evacuation but, the rectum and anus, are still under tension. Sometimes, these parts can't handle stool movement and, you have to wait.

When you have this feeling, it is essential to squat even more. The more you squat, the less you will need to strain your abdomen and rectum.

The problem with squatting before stool evacuation is that we, as humans, are not used to doing something before we poop. We are not used to preparing for a bowel movement and stool evacuation.

That’s why the only way to get rid of this negative mindset is to practice squatting at home as often as you can. And after some time, you can practice at work, outside in nature or in a public place where there are restrooms or locker rooms.


  • You are working and sitting at a desk from 9-5. If there is only a toilet near your office, you can go there and squat in the restroom.
  • If you are shopping at the mall, take some time in the restroom and squat near the toilet bowl.
  • Do this thing to prepare yourself.

These examples are simple and might help you a lot if you suffer from episodic constipation.

What you want to achieve is to relax your bottom internals and to prepare for pooping, without pain and lots of efforts to strain.

It is frustrating when you get up from the desk and, you sit on the toilet. And nothing happens. You feel the stool inside ready to get out but, your rectum and the anus can’t open because of intense pressure.

Squatting makes you feel bowel movement easily. If you use this technique often, you can feel normal bowel movement and stool movement inside. When you poop, you do not feel pain and irritation.

Keep in mind. Prepare your body first with this technique. This technique is essential in the long-term if you suffer from constipation. ..back to top


Once you prepared your body, sit on the toilet bowl using the SEMI-SQUAT position.

It can also be considered the best position to poop in when constipated because it does the same thing as Squatting.

The difference with Semi-Squatting is that you position yourself on the toilet bowl and you raise your knees higher than your hips.

The best way to do this thing is to have a footstool under your feet. Any type of support that raises your feet and keeps them stable is excellent.

What you want to achieve is to:

  • Relax the puborectalis muscle on the toilet.
  • Enlarge the anorectal angle.
  • To relax the sphincter.
  • Do all of these things while you sit on the toilet.

You can do these things even without a footstool. But you will have to raise your heels on your toes. And doing this thing will require effort from your toes.

Stay in this position 5-10 minutes before you poop. If it takes longer than 10 minutes to have results, your rectum and anus are not relaxed enough.

So, get up and relax them more by squatting outside the toilet.

This step is necessary because it will prevent you from straining and it will help you relax these internal parts more.

How to position in the Semi-Squat way with a foot stool:

  • Place your footstool in front of the toilet bowl.
  • Turn your back towards the footstool.
  • Place your feet on the footstool.
  • Drop your pants.
  • Place your bottom on the toilet seat.

When you feel it is time to poop, stay in the Semi-Squat position on the toilet bowl. You will feel when to stool is moving downwards in the descending colon.

When this thing happens, slowly strain the rectum. Do not push too hard and too often. Push your rectum and anus slowly and repeat this movement.

Squatting (Semi-Squatting) is always the best way to si on the toilet when constipated because it makes pooping smoother. Also, it prevents you from straining too much and, it helps you manage your bowel movement

These actions are necessary because squatting allows us to have smoother defecation on the long-term. Forcing too much the rectum will create pressure and, that will negatively affect the anorectal canal.

Once you are in the squatting position and ready to poop, do as follows:

  • Slowly strain your abdomen for 1 minute
  • Push your rectum slowly for 30 seconds
  • Pause
  • Repeat the steps five times

Your rectum will contract and will require more effort to do his job. But this thing gets even more demanding if you push too much. You don’t want to put effort into pooping and to keep pressure for too long.

Once you put too much pressure, you will not be able to poop.

Semi-Squatting is the best position to poo in when constipated and it will help you achieve the goal of smooth defecation. So, repeat the steps mentioned above slowly.

If you suffer from severe constipation and you feel the stool is not moving at all then, you will have to stay longer on the toilet bowl.

Stay on the toilet bowl in this position until you feel there is a bowel movement. Even a dry stool can pass through the rectum and anus if these two parts are fully relaxed.

When you feel your bottom stiff or stuck up after 15-20 minutes, it is time to move from the toilet bowl and get up. You can feel stiffness it from the knees, going towards the rectum and up to the abdomen.

You can also feel stiffness inside the abdomen. You can try again in 2-3 hours. Remember to use the footstool to avoid stiffness.

How to use the Semi-Squat position without a footstool:

  • Turn your back towards the toilet seat.
  • Drop your pants.
  • Place your bottom on the toilet seat.
  • Raise your heels and toes.
  • Keep your knees higher than your hips.

Keep your knees up for 1-3 minutes and pause. If you can keep them longer, then that is great. You can take a one-minute break.

Squatting on the toilet bowl takes patience and practice. It is essential to keep your knees higher than your hips. Also, you have to keep your feet stable enough to keep your body straight.

Most of the times you will not have a footstool available. So. you need to practice Step 1 in this article and continue with Step 2 to have smooth defecation. ..back to top


Squatting is the best position to poop because it gives you the opportunity to fully position yourself over the toilet bowl, without a footstool.

Depending on the toilet bowl model, you should get the toilet seat out of your way to place your feet.

First of all, make sure you have clean footwear or socks. Also, clean the toilet bowl with anti-bacterial soap.

Second, make sure the toilet bowl is stable enough to hold your weight when the center of gravity modifies. So, try to move it left or right and force it a bit. If you feel it moving, don't squat with your feet on the toilet bowl.

But if the toilet bowl doesn’t move, continue with the following:

  • Turn your back towards the water tank.
  • Place the toilet bowl between your legs (or on the side).
  • Raise your left (or right) foot and place it on the edge of the bowl.
  • Now lift your whole body up to place your other foot on the other edge.
  • Lower your body slowly.
  • Position yourself until your knees are higher than your hips.

Try to stay stable and don’t make sudden moves. You can use the water tank to be more stable and to control your balance.

Now, try to stay in this position for 1-5 minutes. Next, slowly try to poop by straining your abdomen for 1 minute. Continue with pushing your rectum slowly for 30 seconds and take a pause. Finally, repeat these steps five times.

You should be able to poop now.

If the water tank is fixed well on the ground, you can relax your back on it. Be aware not to slip from the edge of the bowl.

Try to lower your butt until it reaches the edge of the toilet bowl. It should be at the same level as the toilet seat. You need to control the way you poop because if you suffer from severe constipation, you might have small parts of stool missing the toilet bowl when you evacuate it with pressure.

This thing is one of the reasons you have to strain your abdomen and push your rectum slowly at first. And then continue with a bit of pressure later on.

Squatting with your feet on the toilet bowl has the same effects as doing it on the floor. It is the best position in which you can poop in when constipated easily.

Some things to keep in mind:

  • Never place yourself on the edge of the toilet bowl with dirty footwear.
  • Always wipe the edges with toilet paper or cloth and keep it dry.
  • Have support nearby to help you with positioning.
  • Always clean the toilet bowl after squatting on it.

Make sure that your toilet bowl is strong enough and well fixed on the ground or wall.

Also, check if the structure composition can support your weight.

The reason is that your feet are sending forces in two small points (sole of your feet) on the edges of the toilet bowl.

These two points are sending weight forces that can break the edge of the bowl. At the opposite end, the toilet seat has a few points that distribute your weight evenly.

But your typical standard toilet bowl should support your weight and at least 50% more. ..back to top


Turkish and Indian toilets do not have a toilet bowl. There is no seat in which you put your bottom.

These types of toilets usually have two feet soles which raise a bit from the ground and a hole in the back.

The toilet is like a container that keeps your feet up and lets the water flush between them.

This thing is good because you can easily stay in the best position to poop in when constipated and poop without any preparation.

You can stay in this position as long as you want without privacy issues.

The Turkish and Indian types of toilets can be sometimes dirty so keep a few things in mind:

  • Always wash your hands after using them.
  • Always place your bottom as low as possible.
  • Keep your pants comfortable.
  • Try to maintain balance using the walls.

If you own such a toilet, try to keep it as clean as possible with antibacterial soap and liquids.

Bacteria and viruses can spread quickly in the canals where water flushes the stool. This place is usually near the soles of your feet.

Try to have clean footwear. If it is a public place, try to avoid contact with any part of your body, especially your hands.

Turkish and Indian toilets are the perfect places to have stool evacuation because you squat all the time and you relax the anorectal muscles easily.

The problem with these types of toilets is that they are not very common nowadays. Where can we find this toilet? An oriental restaurant or a theme park.

As funny as it sounds, a Turkish toilet is always better than the standard toilet bowl which you can buy from your local store. ..back to top


Squatting in nature is the same as doing it on the ground or in a Turkish toilet.

The purpose of squatting is to relax your anorectal canal and create a clear path for the stool to evacuate.

These two things are the reasons why squatting in nature is the best position to poop.

Moving the stool towards evacuation is a part of digestion that sets apart the person who has normal stool evacuation and the person who suffers from episodic constipation.

When you suffer from severe constipation symptoms, it gets even worse.

But when you are out in nature, let’s say camping, hiking or just for a simple walk, try to combine leisure activities with squatting.

Whenever you take a break and feel to poop, do the following:

  • Choose a place that no one can see you.
  • Stay straight on your feet.
  • Move your feet to have a foot distance between them.
  • Drop your pants.
  • Lower your body down slowly.
  • Put your hands on your knees.
  • Keep your abdomen and knees in balance at a sharp angle.


You can use a smaller tree for balance or a bush that has branches for support.

Although it is not ideal, squatting in nature is one of the best ways to have a bowel movement. ..back to top


Squatting is beneficial on the long-term when you deal with constipation.

Here are the main benefits:

  • It is easy to use.
  • It does not require lots of effort.
  • It has no side effects, compared to taking medicine.
  • It empties the intestines by relaxing the anorectal canal.
  • It helps you to relieve constipation on long-term because it improves digestion.
  • You can squat easily on the toilet bowl with a footstool and have the same result.

Also, if you combine laxatives with the best position to poop when constipated, you can have immediate relief.

If you are looking to empty your intestines quick, you can also take bile or pancreatic supplement and combine it with 10 minutes of squatting.

You would be surprised how easy it is to poop, without suffering from side effects and taking too much medicine.

Ideally, you want to avoid medicine and pills, and get full advantage of the ability of your body to make you poop. ..back to top


Besides Squatting, there are other positions that, help you to have smooth defecation.

Although the following examples are not the best positions to poop in when constipated, they help move the stool with little effort.

Laying on the bed on the side

This position is great because it forces the abdominal muscles to contract and expand.

Muscle contraction in the abdomen makes the intestines move slowly and gently. This thing does not mean that they move around randomly.

But the actual tissues that hold the muscles push the stool inside the intestine and forces it to unglue from the intestinal walls.

This thing is beneficial to keep the intestinal lining and mucosa clean, on the long-term.

So, try to do the following:

  • Before you decide to poop, lay on the bed for 1-5 minutes on your left side.
  • After that, place yourself on the right side for another 5 minutes.
  • Be careful, not to fall asleep.

You can bring your knees close to the abdomen if you feel the stool moving. Just like a baby sits in his bed.

What you want to achieve is to move the stool in the large intestine towards the rectum. Also, you want to relax your bottom to have smooth defecation.

Laying on the bed on your tummy

Laying on your abdomen compresses the intestines and creates pressure with gas and stool.

This position is similar to the one mentioned above and has good results if you prepare your body first.

So, here’s how to do it:

  • Place yourself on the bed with your abdomen towards the mattress.
  • Stay 1-5 minutes.
  • Get up and take a break.
  • Lay down on the bed for another 5 minutes.

Laying on the bed for 10 minutes should be enough to make the stool move. When you feel it is time to poop, go to the toilet and repeat the first steps in this guide.

Sit with your knees on the ground

Sitting on your knees is one of the best positions to poop in when constipated because it’s similar to squatting.

Also, it brings your knees near the abdomen and creates pressure inside the intestines.

Usually, people who pray a lot or do yoga, stay with their shin and knees on the ground.

Whenever you can do the following:

  • Position yourself with your knees and shin on the ground
  • Move your body forward and backward.

Also, place your hands in front of you and move your palms on the ground. Use your arms to lower and raise your body.

This action makes the intestines compress and expand even more. Also, it helps to relax the anorectal angle by enlarging its angle.

The Push-Up Position

Doing push-ups is great for stool movement. But not everyone has the time and mood to do exercises.

Whenever you suffer from constipation, you can position yourself with your back on the floor and stay there as if you were practicing push-ups.

When you positioned yourself, try to do the following things:

  • Raise your knees halfway to the hips.
  • Try to move head towards the knees.
  • Stay in this position, but don’t do the push-up.
  • Stay in this position for 1-5 minutes.

What you want to achieve is to relax the puborectalis muscles and to create enough pressure inside the abdomen to move the stool.

You can view this position as relaxing on your bed with your knees up.

Leaning forward on the toilet bowl

Another position that can help you is leaning forward once you’re on the toilet bowl.

Leaning your body forward, with your hand parallel to the ground helps to create pressure inside the abdomen.

Sometimes, the large intestine gets full and, it needs a bit of help from you. That’s the reason why leaning your head and body forward is good.

You can practice this technique as follows:

  • Position yourself comfortably on the toilet bowl.
  • Lean forward slowly.
  • Stay in that position for 30 seconds.
  • Come back and take 30 seconds of pause.
  • Repeat these steps five times.

If it takes more than five times, it is ok. But if nothing happens after ten times, you should consider the other techniques mentioned above. The reason is that your anorectal canal is not ready to open up for defecation.

You can also lean on your left or right side, and do the same thing. ..back to top


Here are a few examples of other techniques that help you poop.

Walk for 10 minutes before you poop.

Although it is not in the best position to poop category, walking helps you move the stool. This thing helps you especially if you sit in a chair longer than usual.

Any muscle movement that involves the abdomen and feet can be a relief for constipation on the short term.

Drink a cup of hot tea.

If you are looking for quick defecation, combine squatting with drinking warm liquids or tea.

Drinking warm liquids without sugar dissolves the glucose inside the stool. This thing makes the sticky stool to unglue itself from the intestinal walls.

Drink fresh fruit juice.

Fruit juice creates fermentation in the intestines. The intestines are usually wet, humid, and very warm.

Because of these three factors, a stool that contains sugar, fructose, and glucose tends to ferment fast (in about 5 minutes after you eat food).

Fermentation creates gas inside the intestines.

And gas forces the stool to move towards the rectum, especially if you contract and compress the abdominal muscles. ..back to top


Squatting and the other similar positions that derive from it, are the best positions to poop in when constipated because they relax the anorectal canal and muscles.

You can squat easily and, you can combine it with the other techniques like laying on the bed on the side or, drinking hot tea, to have quick stool evacuation.

What matters when using these positions is to:

  • Relax your puborectalis muscles.
  • To open the kinks that let the stool evacuate.

So, practice the steps and techniques because they will help you whenever you suffer from constipation.

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